Chiropractic Testimonials

"After thousands of dollars spent on tests, scans and hospitilization, I came to Dr. Boyd for relief for my constant and unrelenting headache. After a few treatments, the severity of the headache diminished; after 2 months the headache went away."

- Karen H.

"I was suffering from knee and shoulder pain as well as bloating and I heard about Back in Balance from a friend so I made an appointment. Having never gone to a chiropractor before I didn't know what to expect. The doctors at Back in Balance took the time to listen and evaluate my concerns and began working to remedy my pain and bloating. I felt relief after the first visit and continued to improve with each visit. Through massage and acupuncture my pain is gone and my bloating has gone down significantly with a daily supplement. Because of Back in Balance I am a true believer in Chiropractic Care."

- Lisa G.

"I came to Back in Balance for the Cosmetic Acupuncture. I would recommend Back In Balance to friends the doctors' light, expert touch with the needles makes it practically painless. I would recommend cosmetic acupuncture, after only 3 visits my skin was brighter, my face felt firmer and more perky. I have been having this procedure done for the past and notice a difference in my skin tone being brighter. I look more well rested, even when I am not. It's easy, relaxing and does a wonder for face & stress levels! Get It Done! RUN, DON'T walk to sign up for cosmetic acupuncture!!"

- Michelle H.

"I suffer from sciatica. I've been going to chiropractors for years...getting massages and treating my knees. No one ever used acupuncture to help. Since I began going to Back in Balance I started feeling better overall and it only took about 1.5months. I would recommend Back in Balance to others because they are a great group of Doctors, Therapists, and Staff."

- Lorraine K.

"I chose Back in Balance based upon recommendation from friends. I came to Back in Balance never having experienced chiropractic care before. I was desperate for relief from serious symptoms in both my neck and lower back. From the very beginning there began a gradual positive response to methods the Doctor prescribed. However, I am firmly convinced that their sincere concern and empathy for my personal needs were tie-breakers that got me back to a functioning level.In brief, in all my visitations to medical and therapeutic experts, none exceeded the level of true concern I experienced at Back in Balance."

- Terry S.

"I was referred to Back in Balance by my sister-in-law. My children and I have received treatment and each of us has seen improvements in our overall health and well-being. My son's asthma has improved dramatically and has not needed his rescue inhaler in six months. My daughter's digestive issues have improved as well. I have seen and felt a dramatic improvement in my own health. I would definitely refer Back in Balance to others."

- Susan K.

"I found out about Back in Balance when they were inside Oasis because I was a member. I was in a car accident and I started having low back and knee pain from. I can not tell you the years of discomfort I went through thinking I had to just live with it. Now I am virtually pain-free and can do things with my kids I thought I wouldn't be able to do. My boys would miss lots of school or be sick every other week it seemed. Since we started going to Back in Balance my children have stayed healthy, had less doctors visits and medicines. I attribute that not only to them being adjusted once a month or more but also to the nutritional testing. This has made me more knowledgeable about what weakens them so I can adjust their diets accordingly during those tough "asthma" months. It has made our life so much better! Thanks, Doctors!"

- Kate O.

"I found out about Back in Balance from friends. I started going because of neck and back pain. I have to lift my daughter who is physically handicapped and from years of lifting, my back, shoulders, and neck have taken the stress. I was not able to exercise, stand for any length of time or sleep through the night because of the pain. I started to feel better after a couple of visits. Now six visits later, I am exercising, walking at a fast pace for an hour, and sleeping without pain. The alignment and adjustment of the body makes you feel better all over. I would recommend them to others. Everyone in the office is friendly and outgoing. I felt very comfortable the first time I walked in the door. The Doctors take their time with each patient and is always concerned about how you are feeling as soon as you mention the word pain."

- Marie S.

"I started going because of prior injuries from auto accidents, but recently because of tendonitis in the elbow. My elbow started improving within a few weeks. Since I started going I seem to have less stress and illness. I would recommend them to others because you get very caring and professional care. The doctors care for the whole body in a natural holistic (wellness) manner."

- Kay H.

"I was referred to Back In Balance by a friend. I was having problems with my upper back, shoulders, and neck. After only a few visits, I just felt wonderful and now I would just like to keep it under control. I would recommend them to others. I have always had a good experience at all of my visits. I leave feeling much better."

- Joan O.

"I have been going to Back In Balance for almost 10 years. My experiences with Back In Balance have been very positive. I highly recommend this practice to anyone that suffers from any kind of pain or discomfort. All the staff members are very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and well trained."

- Anonymous

"I have suffered from painful lower back pain and after only one treatment, I found immediate relief. The doctor reflectively listens to your "complaints", assesses your pain and provides the type of treatment that will alleviate your discomfort."

- Anonymous

"Back In Balance will recommend strategies under a "Holistic" approach that will help manage your level of pain, discomfort, and stress. Give Back In Balance a call, I guarantee that it will prove worth while. The only thing you will lose is your pain."

- Flo L.

"I had a very good experience at Back In Balance. The staff who help set up appointments and greet me at the door are always very pleasant. The chiropractors assistants are wonderful to work with. Always helpful and attentive to my back care needs. The Doctors are great to work with. They always answer my questions in the office and emails. I suffer from severe chronic back pain. I have gotten relief through the adjustments. I am continuing to receive adjustments in hopes that I will receive more pain relief. Overall it's been a great experience for me."

- Donna S.

"I was referred to Back In Balance by a friend. I started going there for digestive problems and back problems. Before I started getting adjustments I would feel ill or I would have trouble moving. After I started getting adjustments I noticed an improvement immediately. Wonderful people, wonderful results, very professional!! Love this place."

- Del H.

"I found out about Back In Balance from SoderWorld. I started seeing the Doctors because my hip hurts, psoas hurts and my toes where in pain. The Doctor was so detailed in helping me understand what was going on with my back, which was putting pressure on nerves that go to my feet. After only 2 treatments I could feel the difference. I would recommend Back In Balance to everyone."

- Angela H.

"I found out about Back In Balance because they are in my neighborhood. I have been seeing the Doctor since June 2005 for upper back pain. I noticed an improvement after 2 weeks of treatments. The Doctor has not only helped me with my back and hip, he also broke up scar tissue in my arm after numerous surgeries. I highly recommend him to my friends & family. It's wonderful that I found Back In Balance."

- Gordy T.

"I suffer from sciatica pain, low back pain and not being able to straighten out my leg after sitting. I found out about Back In Balance from a friend who referred me to them. I started seeing the Doctors at Back In Balance and after only a couple visit I saw improvement. I was amazed! The acupuncture is the best! It really relieved a lot of my symptoms. Since I have been going I have become more conscious of my overall health. Now, I just go in for "tune-ups" every so often. If I do have a "back emergency" they really try to get you in. I would absolutely recommend them! I love everyone at Back In Balance. They feel like family. They are so caring and understanding of how bad you feel."

- Pamela M.

"I found out about Back In Balance from my aunt & sister. They picked up a card for Back In Balance while they where at SoderWorld for a lecture. I was dealing with knee pain (osteoarthritis) and low back pain. I noticed an improvement after the first couple sessions of acupuncture and chiropractic care. Since I started going to Back In Balance I noticed a difference in my health I had less pain, lower cholesterol, and felt better in general. I would recommend Back In Balance. Trust is important in any relationship, but it's especially significant in the one between patient and doctor. It's essential to feel comfortable and confident in the qualifications & ability of the doctor, but also in the doctor himself. That's exactly why I would recommend Back In Balance to my family and friends."

- Chad M.


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